Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Support for Honeybee Mapper iPhone/iPad App

Please post any questions you may have, or ideas for improvement about the Honeybee Mapper app.


  1. I just downloaded this app and I'm really disappointed in it. Everything showing up in my area is at least a year old. It would be nice if you listed the "man made" hives by type. I'm using the top bar hive and would like to find others who use it so I can compare notes.

  2. thanks for your feedback. The point of the application is for collaboration by beekeepers and concerned citizens to enter information in their area. I like your idea about adding top-bar hives as a new type, and the ability to search for similar hive-types. I'll try to get to that in a future release

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  4. Hi
    What is the status of the app? Is it getting any use?
    I'm interested - but feel like it may be out of date.

  5. Wow---I just put up my information on this app after seeing Deb Delaney's association with it in a story on another site. Most of these "bee sites" are ancient history, and were put up by folks obviously reporting swarms or feral colonies that were subsequently destroyed. I am a bee rescuer, doing structural removals in Los Angeles, yet there are almost NO posts from anywhere around me. There are thousands of feral and managed hives in this area! I have 28 of my own feral survivor stock hives, in Langstroths, in Manhattan Beach CA